Para los padres

All parents have questions and needs, whether you are looking for more information on child development or parenting, wondering what community resources are available for your child, or searching for some developmental activities to do with your children such as parenting classes, or community events. You may simply be curious about when your child should be walking or talking or if their tantrums are age appropriate. A Help Me Grow empowers parents by connecting them with the resources they need.

¡Sea cual sea su situación, sea cual sea su pregunta, Help Me Grow puede ayudar a proporcionar respuestas!

Call Help Me Grow toll-free at:

1 (844) 410-GROW (4769)

Email us at:

When you call Help Me Grow you will speak with a child development expert who will listen to your concerns and offer a free, confidential assessment of your child’s needs. The information you provide in this process is completely private and not shared with any individual or agency without the caregiver/parent consent.

Help Me Grow apoya a los padres ofreciendo los siguientes servicios:

  • Cuestionarios de desarrollo gratuitos para todos los niños menores de 5 años (sin listas de espera ni requisitos de ingresos)
  • Information on general child development and parenting topics
  • eferencias a recursos de la comunidad, como agencias de intervención temprana, proveedores de terapia familiar, clases para padres, terapia del habla, ocupacional o física. El personal de Help Me Grow conectará a su hijo con los servicios que necesita y también hará un seguimiento para garantizar la conexión a estos servicios.
  • Developmental Activities for parents to do at home in order to enhance their child’s developmental progress.

Todos los servicios están disponibles en inglés y español.

¿Qué son los cuestionarios de desarrollo?

A developmental screening is a questionnaire that caregivers complete that captures a snapshot of how a child is growing and learning. A developmental screening is important for ALL kids! 1 in 6 children have a developmental delay, but only a small percentage of those kids are detected through parent observations and regular checkups. Often, the signs are hard to see, even for a professional.

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