Help Me Grow Yolo County is a proud program of the Northern California Children’s Therapy Center and First 5 Yolo. First 5 Yolo funds Help Me Grow Yolo County and aggregate data is shared by First 5 Yolo.

The mission of Help Me Grow Yolo County is to promote healthy development for every child in our community. We offer free and confidential services connecting families with children birth to 5 to community resources. Providing families with information and resources that strengthen families and address their individual needs. We help families who have questions about their child’s developmental milestones; when to be concerned and who to go to for more support.

Help Me Grow is a comprehensive and integrated national system designed to address the need for early identification of developmental and/or behavioral concerns and to link children and their families to community-based developmental and behavioral services and supports.

Early detection and connection to services lead to the best outcomes for children with developmental or behavioral challenges.
Early detection and intervention are critical for optimal outcomes for children, but too often children miss this opportunity. Help Me Grow Yolo County provides free developmental screenings to promote early detection and intervention.

Help Me Grow supports families, child health care, early care and education, and human service providers. The community can use Help Me Grow to identify early signs of developmental or behavioral concerns and the available community resources to address their needs.

By calling the Help Me Grow Yolo County at 1-844-410-GROW (4769) or emailing us at, parents, childcare providers, early educators, and health care providers can access all services for all young children who live in Yolo County in real-time. If they would like further information, a free developmental screening is offered to determine any areas of concern. After identifying areas of concern, HMG provides information and connections to community-based resources.

The Help Me Grow System

The core components of the Help Me Grow system have been shown to decrease medical costs, build family resilience and protective factors, as well as maximize the efficiency of social service networks by creating a pathway for access to services through a central utilization model. Help Me Grow is here to help families access existing resources for children through age five. The core components of the Help Me Grow system are:

  • A telephone access point that links families of young children with sources of support and services to address concerns about a child’s health, development, behavior and learning in a child’s first five years of life.
  • Child health care and education provider outreach training’s to educate our community about child development and the importance of early detection and intervention.
  • Community outreach to promote the use of Help Me Grow and to provide networking opportunities for the community.
  • Data collection to understand all aspects of the Help Me Grow system, including the identification of gaps and barriers in order to provide more effective services.

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